We Care About Our Impact

NUBE is a high-quality OEM furniture manufacturer in China supplying international brands with finished collaborative furniture and chair designs across the globe. We are a trusted production partner for our customers who require high-quality furniture at globally competitive price points, a responsive service, along with environmental and ethical responsibility.

Our strategy is to proactively support our customers’ environmental strategy

FSC Certified since 2014

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In order to reduce climate change we work to engineer more sustainable manufacturing processes, and support responsible sourcing and procurement.

We take pride in the careful selection of all our raw materials, laboratory tested and always from audited and responsible sources.

Wood product in 2022

Wood product in 2022

Sustainability Report 2023

Our goal is to reduce absolute emissions from our operations by 50% by 2030. 


The impacts from the pandemic and Work from Home have reduced the demand for our products, our 2022 total emissions are substantially lower than normal.

2021: 208MWhr, 2022: 132MWhr of purchased electricity

Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, Metric ton CO2e

Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, Metric ton CO2e

Design out Waste,

Design in Sustainability

Our goals for 2024 are eliminating plastic bags in our product packaging, and to continue our work on reducing single-use production consumables.


98% of our products have recycled material content 87% of our production waste and scrap is recycled.

470MtCO2e total equivalent, ref. IEA 2021 carbon footprint conversion of raw material to finished goods

Materials by type in 2022

Materials by type in 2022

BIFMA Certification 

100% of our products are tested and certified to meet BIFMA standards, or European norms EN-1335 & 12520.


7% are BIFMAe3 certified products.

470MtCO2e total equivalent, ref. IEA 2021 carbon footprint conversion of raw material to finished goods

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Diversity & Inclusion

In 2022 we identified 6 stakeholders, they are empowered to react with trust and integrity for NUBE.


We are committed to equal opportunities and employment, and are happy to see a growing female team at NUBE.


We select and use the safest materials for both our production employees, and the consumer. 100% of our materials are 3rd party laboratory tested.


We are fully transparent to our customers about the material composition, treatments, and processes in the product.

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